Feeling Blessed and Grateful Experience

Have you ever feel so blessed and grateful to someone in your life?
If you have,you must be feel you are the luckiest person on earth.And now,i am going to share you about my experience when i feel so blessed and grateful to someone in my life.

It happened when i was 5 years old.My parents and i went to the shopping mall in Jakarta.I really get excited because they wanted to bought me a toy.When i was a kid,I liked toy so much.especially for robots.It was really crowded in there because there's a lot of sales.

People went crazy.They would fight to each other until they get what they want.My mother was holding my when suddenly i let go of her hand.I wasn't tall enough to see people around me.Then i decided to avoided the crowd.

Well know i can see people clearly.But,I didn't see both of my parents.I looked around,searched them.But i thought it was just a waste of time.I remembered what my mom said when you get lost in the crowd.You have to ask someone for his/her pho…


I went to library.i made new friend by accident.As far as i know has same hobby with me.
Daffa : "Ouch !!" (books dropped)
Adit : "I'm so sorry.Let me help you"
Daffa : "It's okay.Thank you very much,by the way.May i know your name?"
Adit : "Sure,my name is Adit.I'm from X-SCIENCE 4.How about you?"
Daffa : "My name is Daffa.I'm from X-SCIENCE 3.Do you like to read books?"
Adit : "Yes,I do.What kind of books do you like to read?
Daffa : "I like novels.Especially novels by Pidi Baiq."
Adit : "I like novels by Pidi Baiq too.But I prefer to read novels by Tere Lye"
(Bells ringings)
Daffa : "Okay then.I gotta go to my class.See you later!"
Adit : "See you later too!"

About Me

All About Me
Hello! My name is Daffa Zahid Farturrachman you can call me Daffa or Zahid.My friends often call me Zahid.They think it's suitable for me.I am a student at 3 Senior Highschool.
I was born in Jakarta at 16th January 2003.I am the youngest among my friends.They're 1 year older than me.I like to play football,my favourite team is Barcelona FC.I have 2 siblings,1 older brother and 1 older sister.They are both in university now.My parents are both doctor.My mom was a doctor but now she is retired because she wanted to be a housewife.My father is a doctor at 2 hospitals,Halmahera and Advent.He is an orthopedic.Which mean he handles some stuff about bones.I want to be a doctor like my parents
First,i didn't expect to become one of the students in 3 Junior Highschool.It was really hard to get in there.You must get good grades in National Exam or UN.Well,my grades weren't so bad.I feel proud to be in there.I met new friends,they were from another junior highschool som…