Biography of Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is an actor known for his portrayal of eccentric characters in films including ‘Ed Wood,' ‘Sleepy Hollow,' ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,’ and his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ series.
Synopsis Born in Kentucky in 1963, Johnny Depp, landed his first legitimate movie role in the film Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) after having taken on several smaller parts. Afterwards, he began studying acting. The lessons paid off in 1987, when he landed a role on the television show 21 Jump Street. He has since starred in several popular films and gained notoriety for his work on the silver screen. Depp has also become known for taking on darker roles, in films such as EdwardScissorhands (1990), Sleepy Hollow (1999) and Alice in Wonderland (2010). Early Life Actor Johnny Depp was born John Christopher Depp II, in Owensboro, Kentucky, on June 9, 1963, to parents John and Betty Sue Depp. Depp's father worked as a civil engineer …

New Year Holiday

Hello people!,I am going to explain you about my last holiday in Flores.First,I went to Kupang,before I arrived at Kupang's airport I have to transit at Juanda airport in Surabaya.It is such a long way to go to Kupang.By the time I arrived at Kupang,I stayed at The Rock Hotel.The next day I went by ship to Larantuka's Harbour.

Larantuka is located in NTT it has a beautiful view when we were crossing by the ocean side.I went to Maumere with a bus.Well it is not a really good bus.It has no AC.But I really enjoy it.In Maumere I visited a seafood restaurant.I ate fried fish.It is really great.From Maumere,I went to Bajawa.Bajawa is unlike any other places because temperature in Bajawa is cold.I celebrated the new year's eve in there.I watched fireworks and beutiful stars in the sky at night.

Then I have trip to Labuhanbajo.I stayed one night before I went to Rinca Island.Rinca Island is one of the Komodo's National Park.I went there by ship for 2 hours.I saw a lot of Komod…


Common Name: Meerkat Scientific Name: Suricata suricatta Type: Mammals Diet: Omnivores Size: Head and body, 9.75 to 11.75 in; tail, 7.5 to 9.5 in Weight: Up to 2.2 lbs Size relative to a 6-ft man:
About the Meerkat These gregarious animals are often seen in groups, and several families may live together in a large community. Standing Posture Squirrel-sized meerkats are mongooses famed for their upright posture. They often stand on their rear legs and gaze alertly over the southern African plains where they live. Mothers can even nurse their young while standing. Cooperative Behavior Meerkats (also called suricates) work together in numbers. A few will typically serve as lookouts, watching the skies for birds of prey, such as hawks and eagles, that can snatch them from the ground. A sharp, shrill call is the signal for all to take cover. While a few individuals guard the group, the rest busy themselves foraging for the foods that make up thei…

The Poor's Man Wealth

The Poor Man's Wealth
Once upon a time, Ramchand and Premchand were neighbours in a little town. Ramchand was a poor farmer. He used to be very relaxed and happy, because he never bothered to close the doors and windows of his house at night. Although he had no money, he was peaceful. Meanwhile, Premchand was a landlord. He used to be very tense, because he was very keen to close the doors and windows of his house at night. He couldn't sleep well, and was always bothered that someone might break in and steal away his money.

One day, Premchand call Ramchand and gave him a boxful of cash saying, “Look my dear friend. I am blessed with plenty of wealth. I find you in poverty. So, take this cash and live in prosperity." 

Ramchand was overwhelmingly happy. He was joyful throughout the day. Night came. Ramchand went to bed as usual. But, to-day, he could not sleep. He went and closed the doors and windows. He still could not sleep. He began to keep on looking at the box of cash. T…

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Hey! today I would like to share my experience in Gathapraya 2017.Gathapraya is a cultural festival held by SMA Negeri 3 Bandung.The cultural festival itself located at Lapangan Bali.The ticketing system is online or you can order it On The Spot in front of SMA Negeri 3 gate.There were a lot of guest star and food truck in case you were hungry.I was one of the committee of Gathapraya festival.I was one of the member of Production Manager and i worked at stage.

One day before the cultural festival began,I stayed overnight at Bali Field with fellows committe.In the early morning,I woke up and started to work.The Production Manager is identical of bringing some heavy stuffs.I had to took tables and chairs in truck from school,sometimes I was one with the stuffs in the truck,It was a really interesting experience.Even though I was a Production Manager,sometimes I worked at another places,like sewers.When the sewers floated,I had to clean the sewers.Well it was disgusting but It was not b…

Plan For The Next Holiday

Daffa :"Hey Luqman!.It's been a long time since we met in highschool"

Luqman :"Hey Daffa!.I know,how are you?"

Daffa :"I'm fine,thank you.By the way,do you have any plan for the next holiday?"

Luqman :"I do,I am going to Bali with my friends."

Daffa :"Ohh,At first,I want to ask you to go on holiday with me.But it's okay if you have another
plan.Are you going to Kuta Beach?"

Luqman :"Of course I am.But I am not planning to go to Ubud."

Daffa :"Why?Ubud is one of the most favorite place to visit in Bali"

Luqman :"No,I just do not like monkeys in there,and it is pretty far from my hotel."

Daffa :"Okay,what about beach walk,i think it's a quite nice place to visit."

Luqman :"well I think beach walk is just the same as pvj in Bandung.I want to get closer to the nature."

Daffa :"Okay then,it is nice to meet you here,bye bye!"

Luqman :"Nice to meet you too Daf !…